A Christmas Full of Generosity and Hope for the Children of Moldova

Shopping MallDova, the most modern shopping center in the Republic of Moldova, and the Non-Governmental Association CCF Moldova have been the bearers of the spirit of generosity during this festive period, bringing light and joy to the lives of numerous families from various regions of the country.

About CCF Moldova Association

Founded in 2004, the CCF Moldova Association is dedicated to supporting families, replacing orphanages with family-based alternatives, and protecting children. The organization has become an essential pillar in transforming the destinies of Moldovan children in need of support.

Representing the British foundation Hope and Homes for Children, a global expert in child protection, the CCF Moldova Association has provided sustainable solutions for the national child protection reform system, assisting authorities and directly transforming the lives of over 7500 children and their families.

“Behind each figure is a destiny, and for us, every destiny matters, just as our approach is individual, focused on the child’s needs. In many situations, we may have the same issue, but the necessity is different in each case. Following the same model, we build partnerships, aware that alone, we will do well but little, while together, as in this campaign in collaboration with Shopping MallDova, the impact is much greater,” said Tatiana Codreanu, Director of Communication and Fundraising at CCF Moldova.

Support Provided to Children Across the Country

In a gesture of generosity, Shopping MallDova and the CCF Moldova Association provided assistance to 49 children from different localities in the Republic of Moldova. Each child received carefully selected items such as jackets, pants, sweaters, gloves, socks, based on the individual needs of each small beneficiary.

“We are honored to support the CCF Moldova Association in bringing light to the lives of children and families. Our commitment is the source of our power to bring about positive changes,” emphasized Tatiana Cojocaru, Marketing Manager of Shopping MallDova.

Emotion-Filled Stories

The aid efforts transcended the boundaries of the shopping center, reaching the homes of the 49 children under the care of CCF Moldova.

At one of the families we visited on the eve of the holidays, we brought double joy and special support for the 12-year-old girl’s birthday. The girl, along with her two older brothers and a newborn brother, received a surprise full of warmth and joy. They benefited from assistance with basic needs, such as clothing and footwear, generously provided by the main contributor, Shopping MallDova, in collaboration with De Facto. Thus, on a special day, the family experienced moments of happiness and fulfillment, feeling the support of the community in a unique way.

This story is just one illustrative example among the 49 children from various families who received similar support. Items such as jackets, pants, sweaters, gloves, and socks were generously donated by Shopping MallDova, contributing to creating special moments for these families. The collaboration between Shopping MallDova and CCF Moldova brought a fresh breath into the lives of these children and brought the much-needed light and warmth during the holiday season.

Continued Contribution

This initiative is not just a moment of generosity but reflects the ongoing commitment to supporting children and families. Through discreet and heartfelt gestures, we bring light and warmth into the lives of children. Together, we aim to transform this festive period into an occasion of solidarity and joy, never forgetting those in need of support.

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