BOOKVILLE is a bookstore and a platform for meeting, communicating with interesting people, experts and like-minded people. Our mission is to unite and spread the culture of reading, opening horizons for development.

The founder and main mentor of the project is Tatiana Scirba, psychologist and book sommelier with 20 years of experience. The main role, which is the selection of literature for the individual needs of the client.



Good News

Good News is a chain of stores that combines a modern approach with a variety of goods, where everyone will find what they need: the latest press, coffee, drinks, tobacco, snacks, the most popular books, stationery, toys and many other items.

We help people save time and provide quick solutions. All you need is at your fingertips! 


For 22 years, Cărturesti has been redefining the expectations we have of a bookstore. That’s why a visit to any of the Cărturesti bookstores is an experience in itself. In addition to a very rich selection of books, music and gifts for everyone, Cărturești awaits you every time with aromatic teas, music or book launches and skilful booksellers. And if there is so much talk about Cărturesti bookstores, it is because here you always find more than books.

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