Ciao Cacao

We invite you to visit the elegant and refined gelateria “CIAO CACAO”! Here is a distinguished atmosphere, perfect for lovers of the specific Italian atmosphere, the aroma of coffee and sweets. In “CIAO CACAO”, you can find a wide range of fine and crispy handmade biscuits in a modern and original packaging, as well as special ice cream for every taste – “CIAO CACAO”. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this is not an industrial ice cream, the “CIAO CACAO” ice cream is of the “Gelato” type, the main advantage being the diversity of flavor and taste. This ice cream, unlike the industrial one, contains less “air”, which allows you to fully feel the taste and aroma. You also have the opportunity to try the soft ice cream “Frozen Natural Yogurt” – the most popular ice cream in the world in recent years, which is made from natural yogurt.

Alternatively, you can order any ice cream cake from our catalog. We take care of our customers and strive to make the procurement of the cake a real celebration.


Evada stands out for its select range of artisanal chocolates, perfect for vegan and sugar-free sweets lovers.

Each chocolate offers an unforgettable taste experience, thanks to the highest quality ingredients used in production.

The chocolate brands available in the Evada store are not just products, but real stories, each with a rich history and a long tradition in chocolate production. Thus, every chocolate lover can find a product that will satisfy his appetite and offer him an unparalleled taste experience.

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Istorii cu cașcaval

A family shop created from a passion for goodies. Lots of good cheese, wines from small producers, sauces, accessories and a pleasant atmosphere.

Maestro Delice

Maestro Delice is a store of exquisite Eastern sweets, dried fruits, outlandish nuts and aromatic Turkish coffee of Arabica and Robusta varieties.

Our motto: We are for a healthy lifestyle and natural, high-quality products at optimal prices.

Our mission: To promote healthy nutrition for our healthy clients, and offer a rich assortment of quality dried fruits, sweets and nuts.

The company was established in September 2020, part of (and a natural continuation) a large family of companies Maestro:

Maestro Nuts – walnut producer and exporter

Maestro Fuits – apple producer and exporter

Maestro Home – home goods stores (Chisinau, Edinet)

The assortment of Maestro Delice includes exclusive products for real gourmets: • Syrian baklava – more than 10 types, •Turkish delight – more than 20 types, •Royal dates, sesame and fig pastes.

Also here you will find more than 10 types of nuts: cashews, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, macadamies, brazil nuts, etc.

Large assortment of dried fruits: • cherry, • pineapple, • mango, • coconut, • dried apricots (black and light), • strawberries, • raisins (black and white), • apple, • kiwi, • papaya (cubes and sticks), etc.

We are also ready to offer products without added sugar. Here you will find jam, certain dried fruits and sugar-free (gluten-free) bars.

We care about quality, therefore we work with the best suppliers of all goods, presented in the store. We are the exclusive distributor of premium Turkish coffee and tea.

You can buy products from us both at retail and wholesale.

Vander Nutrition

Vander Nutrition is a health food store. In addition to the fact that everything sold in the store is sugar-free, gluten-free, saturated fat-free, additive-free and dye-free, it is also extremely delicious!

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