The distinctive feature of the chemical cleaner «ACQUAZZURRO» involves a creative approach to the work process. The quality of the services is based on the customisation of each individual item and an impeccable service. Because we love our customers, we do the best in the given field, offering the best solutions in line with the customer’s requirements and expectations.


We support the development of small and medium enterprises. We believe in people’s projects, dreams and actions. We build partnerships based on trust, respect, transparency and responsibility. We get involved in social, cultural and charity projects constantly, because we believe in our society of which we are a part and in the potential of our country.
And to meet your expectations, we offer a wide range of products, banking and insurance services.

Gloss Beauty Studio

Gloss Beauty Studio is the perfect salon for quality beauty services designed to meet the highest expectations. You can make an appointment for hairstyling, professional coloring, make-up, manicure and pedicure at any time and feel pampered by the qualified staff in a pleasant environment and relaxed atmosphere.

Reparația îmbrăcămintei

The tailor shop works with any type of cloth, it is equipped with a wide range of machines to fulfil your order! For each client we have an individual approach applies!

Reparația încălțămintei

Have your shoes get damaged and You have no idea where to go? The “Cablucyok” (“КАБЛУЧЕК”) workshop helps you and solves any problem. We offer a wide range of services, find an individual approach for each customer and guarantee quality work. Our workshop will help you bring any world-class footwear into an ideal state.

Spălătorie auto

We take care of your comfort! You can benefit from cleaning and washing services of the various categories of transport at the Shopping MallDova. We are waiting for you!

The Pet Barbershop

Discover the Pet Barbershop, the exclusive pet care destination! The pet Barbershop is more than just a regular grooming salon – it’s an oasis of pampering and caring for your unkind friends.

Experience premium services like:
– Custom Grooming – headdresses for any breed of dogs and cats
– SPA procedures – washing and treatment with special masks
– Cleaning of teeth with ultrasound-removal of stones from teeth without applying anesthesia
– Complete hygiene – cutting the nails of pets and maintaining the shape of the fur

The pet Barbershop team of specialists is dedicated to giving your animals moments of pleasure and comfort.

With an on-site zoo shop, the Pet Barbershop also offers a wide range of products:
– Premium food for dogs and cats
– High quality accessories
– Chic and practical clothes for any season
– Toys adapted to the needs of each animal

Explore your passion for Animal Care at the Pet Barbershop – the perfect place for your friends to get the attention and pampering they deserve!


Victoriabank is a Moldovan brand with a unique, authentic story — an innovator associated with the first bank card, the first ATM, the first mobile application and the first credit for small entrepreneurs in the Republic of Moldova.

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