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Aromateque Concept Store is a conceptual space that best reflects the latest trends in niche perfumes and cosmetics.

 Aromateque creates its own philosophy, following global trends.  First of all, it concerns the selection of brands.  On the one hand – cult (Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Kilian, Creed, Memo, Juliette Has A Gun, etc.), on the other – the so-called alternative brands of perfumery and cosmetics, which have gained recognition at world exhibitions in recent years.

 In Aromateque you can find the best European, American and Japanese products.  This is a truly unique brand for the local market that introduces us to a completely new concept of perfumes and cosmetics. The purpose of which is to identify an individual style for each of our customers.

Beauty Factory

Beauty Factory is the perfect destination for all things linked to beauty and personal care. With our vast range of products that includes everything, from hair care, skincare, and body care, till decorative cosmetics and accessories, we are here to meet even the most discerning desires. What sets us apart? Simplicity, quality, and accessibility. With us, you’ll find the perfect product for you in an instant!

Farmacia Familiei

“Farmacia Familiei” is the largest pharmacy chain in Moldova, founded in 2005, which soon became a well-known brand, built with passion and coherence. The network has more than 201 pharmacies and 86 optical salons with more than 1100 employees whose mission is to help increase the quality of people’s lives through a wide range of products, services and professional advice in a pleasant and accessible way. Since 2005, “Farmacia Familiei” has brought an innovative concept in the Republic of Moldova: “health and beauty pharmacy”, focusing on the health and beauty of the people.

In order to be closer to people, the promotion of the “Farmacia Familiei” brand began with the continuous development of the pharmacy chain and the maintenance of the pleasant appearance, both inside and outside, because today the main objective is the provision of services of the highest quality and respectful treatment of individual clients’ rights. “Farmacia Familiei” is more than a point of purchase of medicines, it is the place where any person benefits from a support and a recommendation offered by a professional pharmacist, and attention and understanding go hand in hand with all the specialists within the company.

Also a wide range of top quality dermatological and cosmetic products are available, and most are exclusive products you can not find in another pharmaceutical chain! “Farmacia Familiei” has high standards and aims to educate a “healthy spirit in a healthy body”.

Golden Rose

Golden Rose is one of the most influential corporations in the cosmetics industry, committed to providing high quality products at affordable prices since its inception in 1983.

Includes a very wide range of decorative cosmetics products: foundation, powder, eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss, nail polish, makeup accessories, manufactured using the latest advanced technologies, with a modern approach to the production process, in conditions compliance with high hygiene standards, in accordance with the requirements of quality management systems. Each product is dermatologically tested and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of European legislation.



Founded 30 years ago in Przemyśl, Poland, INGLOT Cosmetics is now one of the leading manufacturers of color cosmetics in the world. INGLOT is currently present at all major beauty events around the world, from the Fashion Week podiums to the Broadway and TV music stages.

INGLOT’s international expansion began in 2006 with the opening of the first franchise store in Montreal, Canada. The rapid growth and development of the company have shortly resulted in the company’s presence in nearly 80 countries, including over 600 boutique stores in the most prestigious places in the world such as Times Square and Chelsea Market in NYC, The Dubai Mall, Westfield London, Plaza Carso in Mexico City, Dundas Square in Toronto, and many others. INGLOT salons are also present in such popular stores as Macy’s in the US, Sears in Mexico, Edgars in South Africa, Sogo in Malaysia, and Falabella in Chile.

INGLOT has succeeded in combining the advanced scientific technology with intense and vibrant colors. Each product is made with high-quality ingredients and is sold at the reasonable prices. All INGLOT cosmetics are manufactured in the European Union while 95% of cosmetics are produced at the INGLOT’s own factories.

Moreover, INGLOT constantly collaborates with famous makeup artists and consultants to bring the latest color, texture and shape to the market.


Interoptic is a top independent network of optic shops in Chisinau. We offer the latest exclusive eyewear from the most famous international brands. At your service eye examinations with state of the art equipment. Also we provide a wide range of contact lenses. Highly experienced staff: ophthalmologists, optometrists, friendly shop assistants will provide professional assistance and resolve any issues.

At Interoptic you can buy glasses that would emphasise your style and personality.



Moonglow – biggest chain of Korean skincare in Moldova and in Chisinau.

MoonGlow – Out of love for a woman, the most beautiful thing in the world was born. And out of passion, the most grandiose projects are born. We want you to feel confident, attractive and in harmony with yourself. This is the mission of MoonGlow, the one that makes us constantly come up with premium products that make you smile every day.


Organic Shop

Organic Shop is a chain of retail stores offering cosmetics and perfumery, which presents products of well-known Russian, Belarusian and Korean manufacturers. The larger half of presented products is organic and certified cosmetics (Natura Siberica, Organic Shop, EcoLaboratorie, Levrana).



Ovico – is a conceptual space dedicated to niche perfumery and luxury cosmetics.  The latest trends in the olfactory world are represented in unique combinations, bold ideas of art and current design.  Perfumery can be easily categorized as a branch of art.  She amazes us with the diversity of aromatic compositions – unusual, light, sometimes strange at first sight and first chords.  Perfumery becomes a component part of our memories and thoughts, which remain forever in our heart and soul.


Vander Nutrition

Vander Nutrition is a health food store. In addition to the fact that everything sold in the store is sugar-free, gluten-free, saturated fat-free, additive-free and dye-free, they are also extremely delicious!


The “Vizaje-Nica” chain store is a commercial perfumery and cosmetics network that develops dynamically and firmly. Working with cosmetics more than 25 years, today we are the major distributor in Moldova. Our company has a network of specialized stores located in the most visited shopping centers within the capital of the Republic of Moldova.

Our professional consultants will help you make the right choice in a huge range of lines for body care, makeup and perfumes. To receive a gift that will delight the beauty and quality is always a joy.

The products of the Vizaje-Nica perfumery and cosmetics network are delivered directly from the manufacturers.

Yves Rocher

“It was in La Gacilly, the heart of the French province of Bretagne, when my passion for world of nature has started. The expanses of flower-filled landscapes and the magnificent Broceliande forest’s trees captured my imagination.” (Mr. Yves Rocher, Founder of Botanical Cosmetics.)

For more than 60 years, the French cosmetic brand Yves Rocher, Créateur de la Cosmétique Végétale®, has cared for women’s beauty while respecting nature. The Brand has been planting, producing, and distributing products on its own since its foundation. This is how we can ensure the highest quality, environmental safety, and the desire to make beauty accessible to every woman.



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