Farmacia Familiei

“Farmacia Familiei” is the largest pharmacy chain in Moldova, founded in 2005, which soon became a well-known brand, built with passion and coherence. The network has more than 201 pharmacies and 86 optical salons with more than 1100 employees whose mission is to help increase the quality of people’s lives through a wide range of products, services and professional advice in a pleasant and accessible way. Since 2005, “Farmacia Familiei” has brought an innovative concept in the Republic of Moldova: “health and beauty pharmacy”, focusing on the health and beauty of the people.

In order to be closer to people, the promotion of the “Farmacia Familiei” brand began with the continuous development of the pharmacy chain and the maintenance of the pleasant appearance, both inside and outside, because today the main objective is the provision of services of the highest quality and respectful treatment of individual clients’ rights. “Farmacia Familiei” is more than a point of purchase of medicines, it is the place where any person benefits from a support and a recommendation offered by a professional pharmacist, and attention and understanding go hand in hand with all the specialists within the company.

Also a wide range of top quality dermatological and cosmetic products are available, and most are exclusive products you can not find in another pharmaceutical chain! “Farmacia Familiei” has high standards and aims to educate a “healthy spirit in a healthy body”.

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