English Home at Shopping MallDova

We are pleased to announce that now at Shopping MallDova you can find the international brand of home products English Home!

English Home, the leading brand of the retail industry, meets its Moldovan customers with new designs that create, with its innovative products, pleasant spaces in every home. We recently opened the first store in Moldova, located on the 2nd floor of the MallDova Shopping Center, adding another unit to the more than 380 English Home stores in 24 countries around the world.

With a very strong brand positioning, English Home today creates a unique space in the living area and its global vision and original designs differentiate this brand from competitors and allow it to take bold steps by promoting, as its core principles, hospitable, generous, social, practical and inclusive values. Through the unusual use of both living areas and favorite products, English Home demonstrates that, if desired, a living room can easily be used as a cinema room, a soup can be drunk from a coffee mug, an ice cream can be enjoyed for breakfast, and a blanket can become a creative tent for children. With this innovation, homes are transformed into true social spaces and the doors to a free and colorful world are opened to prioritize desires over habits.

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