The national campaign for FREE screening of pigmented nevi

The national campaign for FREE screening of pigmented nevi (MOLES), the largest social project related to health, launched by Farmacia Familiei this spring, is coming to an end.

The main purpose of this screening was the prevention of skin cancer (malignant melanoma) and early diagnosis. Thus, diagnosed in the early stages, melanoma can be treated in 98 out of 100 cases. Moreover, in addition to the actual screening, performed by the dermatologist, during the campaign, people were informed about the main risk factors, sun protection methods and self-examination methods.

The event that will end the campaign will take place on November 5-6, in the Shopping Malldova shopping center. For two days, 4 highly qualified dermatologists will examine the moles, FREE of charge, with the help of a dermoscope, a non-invasive, painless investigation that takes a few seconds.

In addition, you will be able to take advantage of dermato-cosmetologist medical services, to test your skin type, and the recommendation of consultants who will help you choose dermato-cosmetic products for your daily routine, which perfectly suit your needs.

The national campaign for FREE screening of pigment nevi (MOLES) and skin testing is organized by Farmacia Familiei, the largest pharmacy network in the Republic, which has the mission of contributing to increasing the quality of people’s lives, through socialist projects, in a pleasant way . and accessibility.

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