Discover the unique delights of Evada Store at Shopping MallDova!

Explore a new oasis of culinary delights in the heart of Shopping MallDova – the Evada store. With a select range of artisanal chocolate, Evada promises to satisfy the cravings of even the most discerning lovers of vegan and sugar-free sweets.

Each chocolate in the Evada store is an unforgettable taste experience, crafted with the highest quality ingredients. The brands available in the store are not just products but true stories, with a rich history and a long tradition in chocolate production.

Regardless of your preferences, at Evada, you will surely find a product that satisfies your craving and offers an unparalleled taste experience.

Moreover, don’t miss the opportunity to give a sweet gift from Evada Chocolate anytime, because affection does not require special occasions. Here, every piece of chocolate is a story to be savored, and every experience is for the soul, wrapped in chocolate.

In addition to the wide range of chocolate, you’ll also find Turkish baklava. This special Turkish dessert combines chocolate and baklava elements, adding refinement and textural richness that will surely tantalize your senses and satisfy even the most refined sweet cravings.

Come indulge in the finest aromas and textures of chocolate, prepared with love for you, at the Evada Store in Shopping MallDova, on level -1.

We await you to enjoy sweet and unique experiences!

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