For almost 50 years, the Milavitsa company has been creating women’s underwear, being one of the largest producers of corsets in Eastern Europe.

Milavitsa certainly claims a place in the pantheon of global brands, producers of luxury underwear. The brand, for many years, has been offering women an original vision of underwear fashion. Milavitsa’s philosophy consists in creating underwear in accordance with global fashion trends.

The Milavitsa product portfolio includes corsets, the group of elastic panties, corrective underwear, swimwear, underwear for rest and sleep.

The classic models in the Milavitsa company portfolio enjoy the appreciation of women during their stay on the corset market.

Classic and elegance are skilfully interspersed in the natural trend. The basic collection of the brand is executed in calm shades. And already for a long time it conquered with beauty, convenience and quality. The classic collection is always elegant and is oriented towards the natural beauty of the woman’s figure.

The comfortable and elegant underwear of the Milavitsa brand gives the woman self-confidence, helps her to walk proud of herself, keeping her queenly look.

Milavitsa – live your life to the fullest!


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