Beef House

The Beef House fast-food restaurant chain is widely known and has a lot of fans from different countries. Branches of the restaurant exist all over the world: London, Chicago, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and now, finally, it has appeared in the Republic Moldova.

Beef House – is a favorite place for foodies who will amaze you with unique taste, reasonable prices, delicious food and good service.

An excellent taste and a rich selection of expertly prepared meat dishes will impress fans who love to eat well and spend unforgettable moments in a warm and soulful atmosphere in the Beef House restaurant.

Cuisine in the Beef House – is a celebration of taste in the best traditions of burger cooking. Beef House burgers are prepared by a special recipe, which came to us from other countries, where the restaurant has already won the hearts of real “carnivores” and simply for those who love to eat well.

Only in the Beef House restaurant, perfect pieces of meat from the best recipes of professionals await you.

July 27 – is an important date for all those who cannot live a day without an American sandwich – “Burger”. On July 27, 1900, the American gourmet Louis Lessing sold the first hamburger in his hometown of New Haven.

On this day, all Beef House guests will have some pleasant surprises and many opportunities to try the real “masterpieces of taste” from the head chef on the occasion of this celebration.

By visiting us once, you “risk” becoming our loyal guests!

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