Andy’s Express

The chain of restaurants “Andy’s Pizza”, without a doubt, a leader on the public food market and this is not simply a statement with an echo.

We aim for the service in our restaurants to be at the highest level. Moreover, we provide our customers with additional services of delivering our products, organizing children’s parties and serving corporate customers.

We have combined in the menu, the multiple recipes and the varied menu of the classic restaurant with the promptness of the fast food restaurant. We prepare a pizza with all kinds of appetizers, salads, soups and main dishes, using only natural ingredients. Our food is not only delicious and healthy, but also with a special character. A team of professional chefs constantly develops new products, introduces cutting-edge technologies and monitors the quality of our dishes.

We make every effort to make the interior of our premises not only beautiful, comfortable and functional, but also informative. Each restaurant in our network has its own theme and is decorated in a special style. The success of the company is the perfect cleanliness of all areas in the restaurants, starting from the surrounding area to the rest room for employees.

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