One of the most important priorities of our supermarkets is to offer a wide range of fresh and high quality products. We work exclusively with reliable manufacturers who only supply products with mandatory certifications and have rigorous quality control. Our supermarket is also a good partner for hotels, restaurants or business centers.

Fourchette is the place where you can find local products, at very attractive prices! We only work with verified farms and households and guarantee the quality and freshness of the products. You will always find high quality fresh meat, fish and seafood.

We are proud of our wine departments, which include world-renowned wines as well as the masterpieces of local winemakers. Periodic tastings offer the opportunity to get to know our wines, but also to make the right choice for each of us.

Fourchette products – our products contain no sweeteners, substitutes, flavors or vegetable proteins, making them safe and healthy. Our cuisine will amaze you with the variety of products, as well as their fresh taste. Salads, meat, poultry, fish or seafood dishes, dishes for all tastes and occasions. In our pastru we have an extraordinary variety of sweets. From fruit jellies, rolls, cookies and muffins to cookies, cakes and other baked goodies. The bakery area offers a wide range of products that are always fresh and warm. Various types of bread for every taste and a diverse assortment of pastries: pies with various fillings, croissants, buns, bagels, puffs will delight your appetites every day. And if you have a special event, then know that we will gladly prepare culinary, confectionery and bakery products for your occasion.

The “Fourchette” supermarket chain is the official importer of many brands known and loved by everyone, such as Barilla, Casa Rinaldi, Mulino, Milka, Lavazza, Aqua Pana, Romeo Rossi, Regia, parmigeano D.O.P., Silvania, Trintin and many others.

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