Paris, the image of the most romantic city of all time, bathed in amazing magic. From the first sight you fall in love with its architecture, art, taste of active life, which reigns there. He is at his own pace, his own life, with joys and sorrows. Once in love with him you never forget him.

Alisee underwear follows the French tradition and style and is created for happy, open women, ready to explore the world and value every minute of life, who know how to appreciate individuality and beauty.

The collection is identified as unique by the lace and original stitching, by the beautifully outlined embroidery on the net that makes it unrepeatable and refined.

The rich palette of colors and decorative elements: sequins, laces, rhinestones and velvet ribbons give the Alisee collection a French charm.

Alisee – the charm and elegance of Paris



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