Summa A.S. 

Summa A.S. is an international construction company with its representatives in such countries as Turkey, Russia, USA, Germany, Romania, as well as in Moldova, where it has been successfully acting for 15 years already.

For the last 20 years, Summa Group of Companies become one of the biggest and major participants at the real estate market of Eastern Europe and CIS countries.

According to Engineering New Records, in 2011 Summa A.S. was registered amongst best 225 construction companies of the world, ranking under number 210.


Anchor Grup 

Anchor Grup is a part of FIBA Group of companies and has been active since 1997 in real estate development in Eastern Europe.

Anchor Grup S.A. is one of the leading real estate developers in Romania. The company has extensive experience in developing retail projects, residential and office buildings.

The strategy of Anchor Grup consists of combining the international expertise and the experience acquired on the local market to provide the best real estate solutions for customers and investors.

The main projects of Anchor Grup are: Bucuresti Mall, the first modern shopping center opened in Romania; Plaza Romania, one of the most attractive retail and entertainment spot in the capital; Anchor Plaza, the first A-class office building integrated with a commercial center, Anchor Plaza Metropol, A-class office building located close to Plaza Romania, Shopping MallDova, first modern shopping center in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.